Why Global Energy Parliament?


Sir James Mancham and Masaru Emoto at GEP 2010

Do you want to be a part of an innovative and engaged network cooperating for solutions to the biggest global challenges?

Do you want to be a part of the change we all want to see in the world?

Do you want to support concrete outcomes like policy suggestions, scientific research, and community projects?

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Aims & Objectives

We bring more happiness and sustainability into the world by...

•  Creating awareness about positive energy
•  Providing and supporting innovative tools, technologies and projects
•  Passing Resolutions as a Global Parliament and communicating to governments worldwide



Areas of Work

Areas of Work


Some of Our Projects

Study of the Practice of the Holistic Technique “Life for Total Consciousness” developed by H.H. Swami Isa


Pilot School Project to Measure the Efficacy of “Education for Total Consciousness” in the Development of Students, Teachers and School
Evaluation study about Yogic Breathing and HRV-Biofeedback for preventing illness and depression
Development of an Efficient Renewable Energy Device from Sound Energy   

Reasons to Sponsor the GEP

* GEP is a project of the registered charity, IVPT, which has Consultative Status to UN ECOSOC

* GEP has a worldwide presence with 1000+ Members from all over the world, gathered in registered National Centres
* GEP has a long-term action, holding regular meetings and international events, to spread and share its long-term vision
* GEP transmits its resolutions and gives advices to all governments and opinion leaders, for the betterment of the world
* GEP brings together experts from all fields of research, business or activity, offering strong networking opportunities
* GEP celebrates the most innovative and outstanding achievements in terms of sustainable, holistic and creative solutions to human problems
* GEP widely promotes its actions and events through targeted means of communication (social networks, brochures, medias, networking lunch, cultural programs, etc.)



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GEP Award

“The GEP Awards highlight the most innovative and effective projects, to bring a much-needed balance back to humanity and the world.”

H.H. Swami Isa, Founder of the GEP


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