The Global Energy Parliament offers the Global Best Award in honour of the global best individual, institution, or movement, in a particular thematic area. The Global Best Award is the highest honour offered by the GEP. World celebrities in the thematic area of the GEP are the chosen recipients of this Award.  

The first Global Best Award was presented as the GEP Lifetime Achievement Award to H.E. Sir James Mancham, KBE, the Founding President of the Republic of Seychelles, by the Hon. Prime Minister of Sri Lanka in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Award, given during the GEP’s year of ‘Habitat Harmony’ in 2016, honoured Sir James Mancham’s lifetime of commitment to global peace.

Winners are selected through a two-tier international selection committee. Nominations are received from the public, and an international Technical Committee reviews the nominations and shortlists finalists. A Jury of distinguished international persons recommends names for the Award.

Other Awards

GEP's Outstanding Contribution Award recognizes extraordinary approaches and outstanding contributions which lead to making the world a better place to live in. Awards are given in a particular thematic area of the GEP. Previous recipients of this award include Amb. Sergey Batsanov, Director General of Pugwash Conferences in Science and World Affairs and Prof. Dr. Joel Sternheimer, inventor from France.

Youth Awards recognize outstanding global youth (Age 18-25) who contribute to making the word a better place to live in.

The Global Energy Parliament is an international body of citizens committed to a self-sustaining and peaceful existence for human beings and the universe. GEP was founded by His Holiness Swami Isa, head of the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust (IVPT), an international organization holding Consultative Status to the United Nations ECOSOC. 



CV Ananda Bose 

The Jury is headed by Dr. C.V. Ananda Bose IAS, eminent civil servant, housing expert and innovator. Dr Bose was Secretary to Govt. of India, Additional Chief Secretary and University Vice Chancellor. He is Chairman of the UN affiliate-Habitat Alliance. He is also Chairman of the Govt. of India Public Sector Undertakings, Central Warehousing Corporation & Central Railside Warehouse Company Ltd. Fellow of the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie, Dr. Bose is also a recipient of the prestigious JawaharLal Nehru Fellowship. 

Dr. Bose has worked as Secretary to Chief Minister of Kerala, District Collector, Kollam and Principal Secretary in various Ministries such as Education, Forest and Environment, Labour, General Administration and Revenue Board. 

He has represented India in the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN), Geneva where the Higgs Boson was discovered recently. He also represented India in the International Fusion Energy Organisation, ITER, France. 

A prolific writer and columnist, Dr. Bose has published 25 books in English, Malayalam and Hindi including novels, short stories, poems and essays. Three of his books have become best sellers. 

Dr. Bose is the Speaker of the Global Energy Parliament and represents the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust at the United Nations.



Reza Chowdhury

Professor Dr. Reza Chowdhury, MD, is a prominent medical educationalist who pioneered sustainable educational entrepreneurship.  He  possesses extensive experience in education and healthcare in the United States, Central and South America, South Pacific and India.  He has addressed such conferences as the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, World Family Policy Conference, Economic Self–Reliance (ESR) Conference, Global Maternal and Child Health Conference/Global Family Health Conference and more recently, the Association of American Physicians of Indian Origin annual conference on Medical Tourism. 

Dr. Chowdhury is considered one of the pioneers in ultrasound imaging and new applications of sonology.  In his professional experience, he has worked as an engineer, consultant, entrepreneur, health educator, hospital executive, and university executive.  He also served as a member of President Ronald Regan’s Republican Presidential Taskforce and was recognized for his service by the Republican Senate. 
He is a member of professional organizations such as: World Medical Association and American Public Health Organization.  Currently, he is working as the acting Chairman and Board Member for Green Heart Medical University.
Dr. Chowdhury is a founding member of the Global Energy Parliament, and represents the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust at the United Nations in New York.



Lady Carla Davis

Lady Carla Davis, MPH, is an acclaimed nutrition expert, writer, university executive, peace ambassador, and consultant on political and global issues.  

Lady Davis partnered with her late husband, Sir Thomas Davis, KBE, former Cook Islands Prime Minister and High Commissioner to New Zealand, in his political, professional, and medical careers.  She was one of the founding members of South Seas University and serves as its CEO. 
She is also a Contributing Editor for The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine and Masters of Health magazine.  In addition, she serves on the on the Board of Trustees for the Sir James Mancham International Centre for Peace Studies and Diplomacy.
Lady Davis is a founding Member of the Global Energy Parliament (GEP), the Minister for Environment, and GEP Coordinator of Australia.  She is passionate about creating energy balance by aligning her personal life and all her work in harmony with nature and natural law.


Technical Committee


Dirk Seeling

Dr. Dirk Seeling is Coordinator of the Award Technical Committee. He holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Trier, Germany and a doctorate in Management Diagnostics from the University of Cologne, Germany. He is head of the a Management Consultancy Personal-Point GmbH, and also a guest lecturer at various universities. Dr. Seeling and his wife Susanne have been members of the GEP since 2014. He is deeply committed to a world of peace, sustainability and happiness for all.  Website:


Dr. V. Unnikrishnan Nayar is an honorary Professor of Optoelectronics at the University of Kerala, India. In the past he has been the Dean of Faculty of Science at the Cochin University of Science and Technology and also at the University of Kerala, and Visiting Professor at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Thiruvananathapuram. Dr. Nayar is a founding Member of the Global Energy Parliament and has been instrumental in its organizing since 2010. He is the primary scientific advisor to the GEP at the Headquarters in India.


Christophe Dumas

Dr. Christophe Dumas is an engineer in energy systems and heat transfers and holds a PhD in fluids mechanics. Currently, Dr. Dumas is head of the Solar Thermal Department in Centre for Alternative and Atomic Energy (CEA) at Cadarache, Government of France. He designs and operates solar plants to produce electricity, hydrogen, cooling systems and desalination units.

Dr. Dumas is the Director of the GEP Research Centre, where he works on projects for renewable energy and the "I Theory". He is also the GEP Minister for Science and Technology. He is passionate about a holistic approach to science that includes man and the universe. He strongly believes that science should analyse the positive and negative impacts of innovations upon the world. “Science that is used well can be a powerful tool for living in a happy and sustainable world,” he says. 



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