Cinque Terre30 June 22  -  Theme Announced for GEP 2022
Cinque Terre21 June 22  -  IVPT Celebrates International Day of Yoga
Cinque Terre12 December 21  -  11th GEP passes Global Education Policy
Cinque Terre12 December 21  -  Sri Lanka's Minister for Education says the Global Education Policy will be invaluable
Cinque Terre10 December 21  -  External Affairs Minister for India inaugurates 11th GEP
Cinque Terre27 September 21  -  Dates announced for Global Education Conference
Cinque Terre22 September 21  -  Int'l Peace Day Meditation and Chanting Session
Cinque Terre02 September 21  -  New EPIC courses starting Sept & Oct
Cinque Terre22 June 21  -  International Day of Yoga
Cinque Terre04 March 21  -  Global Education Conference 2021
Cinque Terre31 January 21  -  “The Energy Balance is Broken”: GEP publishes peer-reviewed research on SARS-CoV-2
Cinque Terre21 September 20  -  Chanting for Peace
Cinque Terre14 September 20  -  Registration open for the EPIC Immunity Program
Cinque Terre26 June 20  -  GEP-10 emphasizes Sustainable Health and Wealth for Peace and Happiness in the Post-Covid World
Cinque Terre05 June 20  -  GEP 10 to be held online - June 26
Cinque Terre15 April 20  -  New EPIC Program for Immunity Building
Cinque Terre06 April 20  -  Global Leaders Welcome GEP recommendations on Corona Crisis
Cinque Terre01 April 20  -  'Creative Confinement' by Swami Isa
Cinque Terre28 March 20  -  'Energizing Solitude' by Swami Isa
Cinque Terre22 March 20  -  COVID-19 Recommendations to Govts
Cinque Terre07 November 19  -  9th Session of GEP Held in Thailand
Cinque Terre02 September 19  -  Fire in the Rainforest: How Changing our Diets can Contribute to Reducing Climate Change
Cinque Terre01 September 19  -  GEP Germany Starts National Tree Planting Initiative
Cinque Terre14 August 19  -  GEP jumps into action for Flood Relief again
Cinque Terre10 August 19  -  Remoulding Kerala cautions against construction and changes to hills
Cinque Terre17 July 19  -  GEP Chairman Dr. A. Sukumaran Nair receives Vidya Award from IVPT
Cinque Terre16 July 19  -  Education for Total Consciousness discussed by eminent educationalists at IVPT's International Conference
Cinque Terre16 July 19  -  Coastal Sustainability proposal presented to Government
Cinque Terre17 June 19  -  Kindness Club Starting Up
Cinque Terre21 May 19  -  United Nations 22nd Commission on Science & Technology for Development
Cinque Terre13 May 19  -  Yoga Sadhana Camp to be held in July
Cinque Terre07 May 19  -  Youth Essay Competition
Cinque Terre29 March 19  -  GEP's Sustainable State Model Presented to Kerala Government
Cinque Terre14 March 19  -  We are at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women
Cinque Terre26 February 19  -  New "I-Theory" Article Published in Scientific Journal
Cinque Terre29 January 19  -  GEP Centres Start Organic Home Vegetable Garden Program
Cinque Terre22 January 19  -  Dutch Engineering Students Hold Plastic Awareness Program
Cinque Terre21 December 18  -  Massive Flood Relief Coordinatedd
Cinque Terre29 October 18  -  Hiring Interns
Cinque Terre19 September 18  -  Meeting with UNESCO
Cinque Terre13 September 18  -  Reaching out to flood victims
Cinque Terre03 September 18  -  'I-Theory' at Copenhagen Business School
Cinque Terre27 July 18  -  GEP Mauritius Centre Launched
Cinque Terre22 April 18  -  Earth Day Message 2018
Cinque Terre26 March 18  -  Vegetarian Campaign
Cinque Terre16 March 18  -  Stephen Hawking's Quest for the Theory of Everything
Cinque Terre11 December 17  -  GEP 2017 Parliamentarian Award Winners
Cinque Terre10 December 17  -  GEP 2017 Held in India
Cinque Terre09 January 17  -  In Memoriam - Sir James Mancham
Cinque Terre19 December 16  -  The Founder's Proposals for Habitat Harmony
Cinque Terre12 December 16  -  Hon. Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Opens GEP 2016
Cinque Terre11 December 16  -  Release of Swami Isa's books
Cinque Terre11 December 16  -  H.E. Sir James R. Mancham receives GEP 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award
Cinque Terre29 August 16  -  Youth Survey on Development of Kerala
Cinque Terre24 August 16  -  Dr. G. Madhavan Nair opens meeting commemorating Dr APJ Abdul Kalam
Cinque Terre24 June 16  -  GEP 2016 to be held at Prime Minister's Residence, Sri Lanka
Cinque Terre02 April 16  -  Life for Total Consciousness
Cinque Terre10 March 16  -  GEP at COP21 UN Climate Change Summit
Cinque Terre26 February 16  -  All-India Students Energy Parliament Held
Cinque Terre17 September 15  -  2016 to be year of yoga