The Unifying "I" Vibration

By H.H. Swami Isa
Founder of the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust and the Global Energy Parliament
Trivandrum, Kerala—INDIA

Presented at the first Global Energy Parliament, November 2010


The basic principle of the Universe is centred on Energy, and the misconceptions regarding Energy lead to vagaries in other theories.

The basic unit used in the creation of the Universe is the atom. An atom is a bundle of Energy that vibrates at different planes of momentum. An atom is made up of electrons, neutrons and protons, and at a deeper level we find positrons, neutrinos, mesons, photons, hyperons and all anti-particles. Each of these is a bundle of vibrating Energy.

 A deeper understanding of these vibrating sub-atomic particles with positive and negative traits will make it obvious that the differences among them lie only in the variations that occur in the vibration:

Matter  → Atom

Atom   → Subatomic Particles

Subatomic particle → Dark Matter

Dark Matter  → Red Matter

Red matter  → White Matter

White matter  → Energy

Energy → Vibration

Vibration → Vits

Vit   = I (a leg of vibration)

I → Consciousness

A vit is the single basic factor of Energy. An increase in the number of vits leads to variation in quality and character. When the distance between two vits is reduced to the minimum it becomes an intense layer of black, in which everything will merge. When the distance is greater, there manifests red matter, the layer of creative Energy. When the distance between two vits is maximized, a transparent plane of Energy—the white glorious plane of Energy—occurs.

These three planes exist in Consciousness that is not matter and that is free from vibration. Vibration and the Universe which is created by this vibration originates, exists and merges in the Consciousness. Be it man, animal, plant or the moon—there is nothing that is not vibration. Vibration is the same, but there is variation in the rhythm and form. Any object can become positive or negative depending upon the state of vibration.

The individual and the world must be saved from the devastation caused by negative energy, and only a science that can understand and harmonize the realm of Energy can find a solution to this predicament. This is the need of the hour. A new generation must grow up with this awareness. Both formal and informal modes of education should be shaped by incorporating this concept of energy into the syllabi. Ignorance of this basic concept in acquiring and imparting knowledge is responsible for life having been turned into a nightmare.

Each branch of knowledge can be analyzed on its leg of vibration (vit), the negative and positive planes realized, and thus a state of harmony can be reached. This vision has to be imparted to the learned as well as the ignorant, for a simplified version of this knowledge can be assimilated by all sections of society. People have the inherent wisdom to cut off the rotten part of a fruit and have only the good portion. Though unaware of the Energy plane, everyone knows that the negative energy dominating the rotten part is not good for health, and we take only the positive energy dominating good portion. Similarly, Energy is the basis of that science which would help us to take in or discard any object. The big question before us is how to scientifically assess the energy-stature of an individual.

The person is merely equipment, whether he follows materialism or spiritualism, and the energy plane of different equipments have to be assessed in order to remove ignorance. It is this ignorance that is the cause of our sorrow. It is the moral responsibility of every individual to be aware of the negative and positive in oneself and the world around him or her and bring in harmony by empowering the positive plane.

The Global Energy Parliament (GEP) is the first-ever venture to consider all branches of knowledge and all objects in the Universe on their energy plane. Each vibration has its negative and positive aspect; the good and bad character of an object is determined by the number and arrangement of vits in its entity. The GEP aims at creating not only an awareness of the energy plane but also to provide practical and scientific measures to assess the cause for variations and help to restore balance and harmony. The excessive flow of negative energy that leads to devastation and destruction has to be curbed in order to assure a peaceful existence on our planet, the Earth. A research centre of great magnitude is planned as a part of the GEP, where learned men from all walks of life will work toward attaining this goal.

The three-day deliberation in the Parliament is the first step towards this goal. A new Energy Parliament is constituted out of participants who have devoted themselves to a serious discussion of the Energy concept. A healthy functioning of the Parliament is essential for the growth and development of a nation. Similarly, the Energy Parliament has to consider the negative and positive aspects of every law introduced into society and have its worth assessed on the energy plane. This will ultimately benefit the individual, society, the nation and the Universe. The parliamentary portfolios will be taken on by learned men and women, adepts in their chosen branch of discipline.

The Global Energy Parliament is intended to function with the wide network of National Energy Parliaments, State Energy Parliaments and Local Energy Parliaments. This great mission provides every individual the chance to be aware of one’s own energy plane, restore the harmony in onesself and thus be an asset to the society, nation and the world.

It is “Swadharma” to know the Energy from which the world originates, exists and merges. As it has been said, “Dharayati ithi dharmaha”: “Dharma is that which envelops everything.”

India is offering a grand gift to the world, the gift of “I Theory,” the science of Energy, which will enable the individual to love the Universe as he loves himself. GEP is the Royal path leading to Total Consciousness.

May the Light of this vision make life noble and sublime.

© 2010 H.H. Swami Isa