"I Theory" Unifying Materialism & Spiritualism

By H.H. Swami Isa
Founder of the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust and the Global Energy Parliament
Trivandrum, Kerala—INDIA


The creation of the universe, its diversity and existence still remain a question to be answered. The “I Theory” throws light on this philosophical mystery.

It is a well-established scientific fact that all the objects in the universe consist of atoms.  Each atom comprises of a vibrating bundle of electrons, neutrons and protons, further positrons, neutrinos, mesons, hyperions, etc. All of them, in turn, are made up of more fundamental units—black, red and white matter—the embodiment of diverse vibrations. Energy in the ordinary sense is vibration and the vibration is created with the legs of vits. The “I” is the primary vit. In short, the real meaning is that the whole universe is created with mere vits. The vibration “rests” on a source that is non-vibrating and occurring everywhere, rightly called Consciousness.

Subtle Air (or A1) is the force that transfers matter from one place to another. Another way of putting it is that A1 is the medium through which all movement occurs. Therefore light particles, which are also matter, flow through energy-based A1 particles. Subtle air has its own speed, just as light has its own speed. Based on the speed of A1, another relative universal order emerges.

As air is always vibrating, particle vibration is implied. The underlying dimension of air vibration is called Subtle Space (or S∞) vibration.  Space, too, has its own speed, much greater than that of air or light. All relative theorems are based on space vibration. Depending on the theory of vibration, only the speed of a gross object and the speed of air can be clearly defined and applied.

Particle Theory of A1 and S∞

To know more about the multi-core blended vibration of subatomic particles we should understand the basic factor of vibration. Energy, vibration and matter are not three, but one. Where there is energy there is matter and vibration.  The Theory of Relativity is based on the speed of the light: 300,000 km/sec.  The A1 (i.e., Subtle Air) particle is immensely faster than light: 300,000100 km/sec, or (3 x 105)100 km/sec. Its size is 10-18 cm, about 1010 (or 10,000,000,000) times smaller than an atom.

Light travels through this medium. It is through this medium that the life force of all living organisms in this universe also travels. If we want to scientifically study the life cycle of the living organism, we have to focus and arrange the equipment towards the vibration of the A1 particle. It will be a thrilling experience for the biologist who seeks the secret of life on this planet earth.

The basic factor behind this A1 particle, is rightly defined as the S∞ particle, whose diameter is 10-64 cm, about 1056 times smaller than an atom. The S∞ particle vibrates at a speed of 300,0001000 km/sec, or (3 x 105)1000 km/sec. The vibration of the S∞ particle is energy. The vibrating particles of the energy are called vits, and a single vit is defined as the “I”.

This vibration is composed of Black, Red and White matter. These three cannot be separated. The variation in the vibration frequency brings fundamental changes in the quality and character of each vibration. The variation in frequency is the reason for the existence of the three matters. The Black Matter representing mind, Red Matter representing intellect, and the White Matter representing Ego are inextricably linked to each other.

In short, what qualities are associated with “I” alone reflect in this universe. How the Negative, Neutral and Positive—representing Black, Red and White matters—are arranged to change as per the changing vibration, that quality and character of the different vibrations is the basic theory behind the formation of each and every object in the universe.

How ‘I Theory’ should be applied

Science should be a process which eradicates ignorance, and the resulting decline, by initiating balance. If technologies to achieve a luxurious life are proposed, the philosophical approach of balanced, scientific “I” vision should be in practice. To accept and appreciate the revolutionary changes taking place all over the world this knowledge is highly essential.  If we purposely forget this knowledge while we use natural energy sources, using modern technology, it will be difficult to build a safe and secure world.

Man can use natural resources, but not exploit them. Whatever be the energy resources, they should be based on the principle of “I”, i.e., it should be balanced. Humans have the right to protect themselves against being exploited. Likewise, Nature also has the right to protect its energy resources. And hence man has to make use of other forms of energy without damaging the natural environment. For example, one can think of converting sound energy to electrical energy and making a household self-sufficient.

Each particle of the universe itself is complete in itself. But we are unable to realise that perfection. That is the defect of modern education. Education that is based on the perfection in the “I plane” (i.e., Education for Total Consciousness), is able to maintain proper equilibrium—both internal and external.

Education is not darkness. It is total Light. Physics, chemistry, biology, history and all related branches should be taught on the basis that one’s self and the universe emerged from “I”.

Education for Total Consciousness

It is highly necessary to transform incomplete knowledge to total knowledge, by introducing the “Education for Total Consciousness” methodology. The person who becomes a scholar through “Education for Total Consciousness” does not harm nature under any circumstances. Only such people can formulate plans and projects that do not disturb the peaceful existence of nature.

It is time to co–ordinate Energy, Education and Environment for the creation of a balanced nation and thus a balanced world. This is the basic philosophy of the Global Energy Parliament.

The vibrating “I” is energy. The vibration-less constant is Consciousness. When Consciousness first vibrated, it became Energy. This was the first “I”, from which everything for the entire manifested universe began. Therefore, this “I” is the only particle that is able to remove--or bridge--the gap, between Consciousness and Energy, and material (or objective) science and spiritual (or subjective) science.

© 2012 H.H. Swami Isa