Jo Manuel

Founder, The Special Yoga Foundation


GEP Minister for Social Empowerment


“The Global Energy Parliament is an important organisation for the future of humanity.  We need to create a peaceful and sustainable world, both with  the earth that we inhabit and most importantly peace within ourselves.”


Jo Manuel, Founder and Executive Director of The Special Yoga Foundation, was captivated by her first yoga class at aged 17 and has been practising ever since. She started teaching yoga in 1992 and has been the UK’s leading practitioner and teacher trainer in the therapeutic applications for yoga for children with special needs since 2001.


The Special Yoga Foundation was founded in 2004 to give a nurturing and inclusive home to families of children with special needs. Her aim is to develop and implement therapeutic yoga programmes that allow all children to receive its significant benefits and help reach

their fullest potential.


Jo Manuel is the GEP Minister for Social Empowerment, and first came to the GEP where she presented her business model on the art of giving, at GEP 2013's session in UK on "Sustainable Economics." 



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