Dr. Folker Meissner

Chairman of GEP Germany


"There is so much wisdom in the world, enough to heal the entire planet if well distributed by those who know, and voluntarily accepted by those in need. But as long as profit is the major force for people and their companies, global balance is not going to be mainstream policy. Through our work — I'm speaking here as a holistic integrative physician — by healing people and spreading the word of energetic medicine and healing, we will finally end up with a critical mass of contentedly healed people which will ignite an expanded consciousness in the medical world. Because we are all connected, this will go along with similar changes in other fields like education, agriculture or economics.


“Once the myth is disproved that competition, pride and self-importance are crucial motivating factors, qualities like love, kindness, joy and equanimity will replace them, and we will come to a peaceful world within us and thus on the planet. There is no other way to achieve global peace than through getting peaceful within ourselves first.”


Dr. Folker Meissner is an acupuncture and bio-energetic teacher, a holistic practitioner and founder of the German Academy for Energy Medicine and Bioenergetics. He began his career in medicine in 1980 in Germany as a general practitioner and medical trainer, following which he studied acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.


Chakra-based acupuncture and bioenergetic elimination of foci of disturbances (FODs) are Dr. Meissner's specialty, but he also uses quantum-medical measuring of the human body field, homeopathy, natural health care methods, neuro-linguistic programming and emotional freedom techniques (EFTs).


Through his research, he developed a bioenergetic method of identifying and eliminating what he determined is a major cause of chronic illnesses and disorders. These origins of ill health are FOD’s. At his holistic medicine clinic near Bonn, Germany, he performs about 2,500 treatments per year, helping many people suffering from long-term diseases regain their health.


In 2006 he founded the German Academy for Energy Medicine and Bioenergetics, a forum where physicians and non-medical therapists come together to create a training and discussion platform for energy medicine and bioenergetic practitioners.


In 2012 Dr. Meissner became the Founding Chairman of the registered association GEP-Germany e.V. He has participated in the annual international sessions of the Global Energy Parliament in Germany, France and UK, where he also acted in the role of Speaker of the Parliament.  Dr. Meissner also chairs annual Symposiums of GEP Germany.


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