Lady Carla Davis, MPH

University Executive & Health Educator


GEP Minister of Environment and Chairperson, GEP Australia

Quotation (GEP 2010)

“My deep gratitude for the spirit, vision and efforts by H. H. Swami Isa and his supporters at the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust for making the Global Energy Parliament inauguration, in Trivandrum, a reality. It was a beautiful and memorable event! The enthusiasm exhibited by illustrious people, from near and far, and students of all ages, revealed how deeply we all care and want to help create a better world. The love and the energy displayed was immensely positive and inspiring! The GEP seeds have been planted and I am strongly committed.”


Lady Davis has a Master of Public Health in Nutrition and is a Contributing Editor for the NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.  She has authored numerous articles on nutrition and social issues and consulted with various businesses and government leaders on public policy, diplomacy, health, and environmental issues.  Lady Davis is a supporter of the Prince’s Rainforest Project and a Peace Ambassador for the Universal Peace Federation (UPF).


Previously, Lady Davis worked and partnered with her late husband, Sir Thomas Davis, KBE, medical doctor, scientist, former Prime Minister, and High Commissioner for the Cook Islands.  During that time, she participated in and conducted educational workshops and projects in New Zealand and the Pacific region.


Lady Davis is passionate about Nature, the environment, education, organic gardening, nutrition, alternative medicine, classical architecture, ballet, harp and classical music, and women’s issues.  She studied Iridology and nutrition with the late Benard Jensen, PhD and had a successful private nutrition practice in Hawaii and Florida, USA.   Lady Davis was born in Rye, New York and currently lives in Queensland, Australia where she continues her work.


Lady Davis participated in the first international session of the Global Energy Parliament in India, 2010, as one of its Founding Members.  She is now guiding the GEP activities in Australia.