The EPIC Program

Welcome to the course where we can build our Emotional, Physical and Intellectual Immunity against Coronavirus (EPIC)!

EPIC is a free online course to learn easy tips and techniques to develop a healthy body, good thoughts, and positive emotions. We will meet regulalry live online for 3 weeks, and you can practice every day at home what you’ve learned.

During the Coronavirus crisis, many of us are confined to the home and in need of some inspiration how to take care of ourselves. Many are overcome by fear, anxiety, restlessness, boredom, helplessness, anger or other negative experiences. This is completely normal, but we have ways to help manage it. Good immunity-building should be a threefold approach, consisting of techniques to enhance your body, intellect and mind (emotions), as has been shown by recent research in psychoneuroimmunology. 

The EPIC program is easy and enjoyable. You don’t need any special background or experience.  

EPIC was designed by the GEP Founder, His Holiness Swami Isa and is taught online by GEP members in various countries.  

Classes are offered in English, Spanish, German, and French.


Update: Thank you for the overwhelming interest in our program! Registration is now closed. Classes are underway, and we will let you know if we offer a second course.




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