The second session of the Global Energy Parliament was conducted on December 10, 2011 at the Dresden University of Technology, Germany.

Delegates attending the open session of Parliament including physicians, health practitioners, professionals and students were given the opportunity to address Parliament during open discussion times.

Dr. Albrecht Hempel, Private Lecturer and Head of the Centre for Energy and Environmental Medicine Saxony inaugurated the function at the Medical Theoretical Centre (MTZ), University of Technology, Dresden.

His Holiness Swami Isa gave the Invocation Address proposing that medicine can be advanced greatly through a more thorough understanding of the I-particle, the fundamental particle of the universe. Understanding the fundamental particle will reveal to scientist more about the human energy system, health, disease, life and death.

Dr. Klaus Volkamer, an independent researcher from Frankenthal, Germany, who has been active in research on subtle matter for several decades, presented the results of several of his experiments which make it possible to come closer to knowledge about subtle matter. He stated that "many diseases originate not only in the visible physical body, but apparently in the communication between these field bodies and gross matter. Problems occurring in these field structures cannot be solved on the gross plane." For this reason, we have to find techniques to capture subtle matter complementary to gross matter, he said.

Following the Inaugural Function, several scientists from the fields of medicine and physics addressed the House. Dr. Hempel and Prof. Dr. C.A. May of the Medical Faculty of Dresden University of Technology acted as Pro-Term Speakers. Each session was followed by an open discussion.

GEP 2011 Dr Folker Meissner at GEP 2011


Energy, Humans, Society

Prof. Dr. C.A. May, Professor of Anatomy at the Medical Faculty Carl Gustav Carus in Dresden, piloted a resolution to understand “Health and Disease as Social Terms.” He argued that health and disease are commonly understood as opposites, but can only be defined appropriately by considering the dimension of time. Accordingly, the concept of health arises from the ability to move like an oscillating system between two extremes, such as hypotension and hypertension. A predisposition to disease results not only from a permanent state of imbalance but also from the persistent occupation of a single state (i.e., inflexibility or rigidity), which has a damaging effect on health as well as on other levels over a long-term period. Professor May applied this concept to the social level. Here, he considers rigidity (i.e. lacking capability to move between the extremes in a balanced way) to be threatening.

New Diseases and Global Implications

Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl from the University of Furtwangen and the Transfer Center for Scalar Waves Technology, Technology Park Villingen-Schwenningen addressed the House with a technical presentation on "DNA and Cell-Communication - An explanation with the Help of Field Physics," explaining the far-reaching implications of researching the electromagnetic fields of biological systems, especially at the DNA level. Dr. Meyl illustrated that waves emitted by technological apparatuses have a physically demonstrable impact on our health, which makes it necessary to include these results into several fields of science, technology and medicine.

Towards a Balanced, Harm-free Healthcare System

Dr. Hempel, Director of the Centre for Energy and Environmental Medicine in Saxony presented “The Appreciative Health System of the Future." He discussed the pathways towards a more holistic and individual-oriented medicine. We can only create a healthcare system that regards the patient as a self-responsible subject, and the physician as a partner, if both sides are willing to move out of their comfort zones. The central question should not be what is possible, but what is desirable.

Albrecht Hempel


Role of Education in a Healthy Society

Dr. Andreas Valentien, an Anthroposophical Physician in Dresden piloted a resolution to undertake in contemporary language “The Four-Tiered Structure of the Human Being." He investigated the characteristics of the individual energy bodies of the human being, based on the work of the Founder of Anthroposophical Medicine, Rudolf Steiner. Valentien concluded by referring to the role of education and the "self-responsible vouchment for our own interests" as core issues for ending the current social dilemma.
Health and Universal Energy – a Scientific Perspective

Dr. Folker Meissner, Chairman of the German Academy for Energy Medicine and Bioenergetics (DAEMBE) piloted a resolution on "Virtual and Real Energy as Pillars of the New Holistic Medicine, 2012+." in which he emphasized the importance of the role of a responsible patient as a self-critical object, as well as and a reorientation in thought—away from disease and towards health as a thought construct for preventive treatment. A key approach here is that each human decides for himself the degree of his health through the extent of his thoughts and connected emotions. This may be an origin of disease in the negative sense, but also provides the potential to influence self-determination on our health. Dr. Uwe Reuter, Medical Director of the Clinic “ImLEBEN” in Greiz, concluded the technical discussions by addressing the House about "Health and Universal Energy: New Approaches in Energy, Information and Quantum Medicine." He explained the fundamental importance of the zero-point field (the quantum hologram, universal box, or the matrix) that is the common energy field in the body, our world and our universe, as assumed in Quantum Medicine and Energy Medicine.

After the resolutions were concluded, the Closing Ceremony was held. GEP Secretary Dr. Thampan spoke about the importance of making proposals to the government in Germany and abroad. Swami Isa encouraged the scientists to continue their work with greater emphasis on discovering and relating their findings to the I-particle plane in order to achieve balance in the individual and in healthcare.

Swami Isa at GEP 2011



A Public Exhibition was held on December 10 at the Medical Theoretical Centre as an informal mode of educating the public about new technologies and advances in healing. Water-energizing with tuning forks (Aqua Energetics) was demonstrated, along with “new ancient” practices such as oxygen therapy or singing bowls. A new, holistic approach to analysis was presented by the NES Health Company.


The session was concluded with two concerts by the classic opera singer Kerstin Klesse and the second by the vocalist and harmonium player Britta Hirschburger-Hohm, organised by the GEP Germany Centre.