Membership in the GEP is an honour, which will empower, enrich, and educate its members and associates on how to balance and harmonize the energies that exist in everyone and everything.  GEP Membership involves a commitment, responsibility, and knowledge about living in balance and harmony with Nature. 

In the words of our Founder, H.H. Swami Isa: "Each member must have the awareness that while being an individual, he or she is also an integral part of the world. Each thought, emotion and action will affect not only one and one's family, but also the society and the greater world. Loving oneself is loving the world. This awareness has to be the heartbeat of each Member."

In turn, members and associates enrich and empower the GEP.  Together we will explore the science, nurture people and the environment, share different cultures, and provide methods for how to resolve the world’s most pressing problems.

Everyone has their own unique skills and talents.  GEP offers members and associates a platform. 

Do you desire to:

  • Collaborate on innovative solutions to global problems
  • Have a platform to implement your own ideas about interconnection and total consciousness
  • Shape national and international policy through GEP Resolutions
  • Participate on a GEP Committee
  • Bring government-level decisions down to the grass-roots reality
  • Learn about the science of energy and consciousness, and witness the changes in your life and world
  • Contribute to the GEP worldwide research network
  • Join a global network of like-minded people and institutions


GEP Members:

  • Full Membership in the GEP with voting rights.
  • Local branches, school units, Women’s and Student forums can be set up under GEP Members.
  • May coordinate local GEP activities and programs.
  • Annual contribution

GEP Associate:

  • Non-voting membership (suitable for all who want to support and be involved on a casual basis)
  • Receive GEP news and invitations to events and programs
  • Annual contribution

If you want to do more, volunteer for various events and/or projects, provide input, make a donation, or start a GEP in your area, please let us know.

GEP Organization Member:

  • Membership in Parliament with full voting rights. 1 main representative as an MP.
  • Up to 3 observers may attend GEP sessions.
  • Opportunities in parliament to forward submissions, draft Bills, or become a Minister.
  • Optional Participation in a Working Committee on a particular issue.
  • Possibilities to join GEP’s liaison work with governments and the UN.
  • Promotion of your organization’s name and logo on the GEP website and relevant publications.
  • Training in GEP’s unique solutions as well as parliamentary procedures.
  • Opportunities to connect with other organisations at GEP.
  • Annual contribution.


  • Serve in the interest of others and the environment.
  • Inspire through your integrity and positive energy, and lead by example.
  • Provide solutions based on truth, evidence and reason.
  • Produce and deliver results that are constructive, humane, environmentally friendly, conducive to wellbeing--and with a net result of positive energy




Feel free to contact us for further information, according to your location:

Germany & Austria:
France & Switzerland: france@
All other locations: