Resolutions and recommendations of the Global Energy Parliament submitted to relevant decision-makers in the State and Central Governments, United Nations, and other international bodies.

11th GEP: Global Education Policy for Total Consciousness (2021, Online)


10th GEP: New Normal for the Post-Covid World (2020, Online)


9th GEP: Living in Harmony with Nature (2019, Chiang Mai)


8th GEP: Science, Freedom and Happiness (2017, Thiruvananthapuram)


7th GEP: Habitat Harmony (2016, Colombo)

Resolutions of GEP 2016 on Habitat Harmony


6th GEP: The Art and Science of Governance (2015, Madrid)

Resolutions of GEP 2015 on Governance

Ann 1. Good Governance Bill

Ann 2. Open Government Initiative Bill

Ann 3. Education for Total Consciousness

Ann 4. Six Ways to See the Universe

Ann 5. One House, One Fruit Tree Project

Ann 6. Resolution on Currency in Sustainable Economy (full set of Sustainable Economics Resolutions available below in 2013)

Ann 7. Sound Energy Project

5th GEP: The Science of Peace in Humans, Humans in Peace (2014, Geneva)

Resolutions of GEP 2014 on Peace

Information Packet on Education for Total Consciousness

Session Topics: Peace; Global Security; Education; Science & Technology; Health; Women's Empowerment; Law 

4th GEP: Sustainable Economics (2013, London)

Resolutions of GEP 2013 on “Sustainable Economics”

Report on GEP 2013: “Sustainable Economics”

Session Topics: Health, Economy; Business, Education, Law, Enforcement, Science & Technology

Economic Literacy Project

Keywords: Education, Economy, Finance, Women, Youth

3rd GEP: Sound and the Living Universe (2012, Paris)

Resolutions of GEP 2012: “Sound and the Living World"

Session Topics: Health; Education & Research; Positive Economy; Culture

Sound-to-Energy Conversion

Keywords: Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development, Technology

2nd GEP: Pathways to Sustainable Health (2011, Dresden)

Resolutions and Report of GEP 2011: “Energy, Education & Environment: Pathways to Sustainable Health”

Session Topics: Energy, Humans & Society; New Diseases & Global Implications; Toward a Balanced, Harm-Free Healthcare System; Role of Education in a Healthy Society, Health and Universal Energy--A Scientific Perspective

1st GEP: Education and Universal Energy (2010, Thiruvananthapuram)

Resolutions and Report of GEP 2010: “Education and Universal Energy”

Session Topics: Conventional and Non-conventional Sources of Energy; Energy, Human Thought & Wellbeing; Economic, Social & Sustainable Development; Environment; Social Legislation; Educational Approaches; Students Energy Parliament; Culture



All-India Students' Energy Parliament Resolutions on "Total Education"


Green Neighbourhoods

Keywords: Food Security, Urban Development, Agriculture


Eliminating Violence Against Women

Keywords: Violence, Women, Media, Education

07-12-2012 [Thiruvananthapuram]

NEP India 2012: “Towards a Better India"

Session Topics: Use of Human Resources for a Better India (Education, Health); Use of Natural Resources for a Better India (Energy, Environment); Technological Innovations (Planning, Urban Development)


Women’s Health

Keywords: Women, Health, Integrated Medicine, Education


Waste Management in Kerala

Keywords: Waste Management, Biofuel, Energy, Sustainable Development, Technology


NEP India 2011: “Energy, Environment & Education”

Session Topics: Towards Energy Sustainability; Towards Holistic Education; Towards Sustainability in the Environment

15-12-2001 [Thiruvananthapuram]

“Education for Total Consciousness” conferences - 2000 & 2001 (Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust)

Session Topics: Education for Total Consciousness; Lecture Demonstrations; Science-Technology Education Interface; Higher Education; Primary Education; Universal Education; Education-Society Interaction for Total Consciousness; Scientific Orientations, Verifications and Applications of Subject/Object Interaction