Any Member of Parliament may ask questions in the Parliament. This may happen at two times: Question Hour and Discussions on Submissions or Resolutions.

Question Hour

The Question Hour is traditionally the first hour of Parliament following the opening ceremony. Question Hour is the time when Members are able to ask Minister questions on any topic that is relevant to their portfolio. Questions for Question Hour must be submitted in advance in writing, and will be informed whether they have been selected. The questioner is called upon by the Hon'ble Speaker at the appropriate time, who then asks the question to the Hon'ble Minister. See how it works in the video above.

You must already be registered for GEP 2022 as a Member of Parliament before asking a question.

Submit your question in the online form below (complete the form for each separate question).



During the time for Submissions or discussion on the Resolutions, the Speaker may take time to ask the Members for any questions or comments. At that time, the Member is to make themselves known by using the "raise hand" button and the Speaker will give permission to speak. There is no need for prior submission of these types of questions.