GEP Speaker Presents Global Education Policy to Indian PM Narendra Modi
13 July 2023

The Speaker of the Global Energy Parliament, Dr. Kiran Vyas, met with the Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi in Paris on July 13th.  They discussed the activities of the GEP and Dr. Vyas presented the PM with a copy of the GEP’s Global Education Policy for Total Consciousness.

The proposal is for a comprehensive education policy on the transformation of education worldwide into a humanistic, holistic, forward-looking form of eduation. Such an education has been envisioned to transform society through individuals who are happy, healthy, and fulfilled and capable of living meaningful lives of peace.

Based on the philosophy of Education for Total Consciousness, which itself results from the implementation of GEP’s scientific foundation, the I-Theory, the 127-page Policy proposes a restructured, universal curriculum and pedagogy for lifelong learning. Stages of learning outlined reach from the prenatal development of a human being up to the end of life, focusing a strong bond between the trinity of the teacher, parents and student and a transdisciplinary approach which fosters a close relation between knowledge, skill and production for holistic, complete development. Moreover, The Global Education Policy for Total Consciousness introduces Pranic Science as a new branch of knowledge which holds the key to healthy growth and energy balance on every level of a human being’s existence.

All governments around the world have received a copy of the policy proposal.