EU Passes First Artificial Intelligence Act
14 June 2023

Technology moves fast, especially in the age of digitalization.

It was this knowledge, and some foresight, that made GEP hold its 12th annual session on the theme of digitalisation. Members passed a detailed ‘Humane Digitalization Act,’ calling for restraint and humaneness in dealing with new technologies in all sectors. (Read the summary here.)

The European Parliament has passed the world’s first piece of legislation to regulate the use of artificial intelligence, by approving the Artificial Intelligence Act. It contemplates complete bans of intrusive or discriminatory uses of AI, such as cognitive behavioural manipulation targeting specific categories of vulnerable people or groups and social scoring.  Regulation is imposed for high-risk AI systems and foundation models.  

The law is not expected to come into effect until 2026, which is a long time in the life of technology.  

We can expect to see more legislation from the US focusing on soft law, privacy and ethics, from the UK concentrating on soft law and a decentralised principle-based approach, and China which wants explainable AI algorithms and to demand companies to have transparency about their purpose for using AI.  

Aside from AI, GEP had also discussed important topics at last year’s session on Humane Digitalization like digital currencies, digital weapons, and the changing workplace. Members laid out very clear guidelines to help legislators give the best tools to the world but without exploitation of users, society or the natural world.