All Members of Parliament have the opportunity to contribute their ideas to the parliament. One important way this happens is through Written and Oral Submissions.


Written Submissions

Written Submissions are given in advance. These outline the Member of Parliament's research on the topic and their recommendations for what the Parliament ought to adopt in terms of a resolution, recommendation or policy suggestion to governments. Members of Parliament are encouraged to stay within their own area of expertise. Every area has a relevance in the Global Energy Parliament.

All Written Submissions which follow the submission guidelines will be published.

The length of Written Submissions is between 4-8 typed pages with References.

You must already be registered for GEP 2023 as a Member of Parliament before making a Submission.

Group submissions are allowed.

Download the Guidelines for the Written Submissions to GEP 2023


Oral Submissions

Some Written Submissions will be selected for presenting in the parliament as an Oral Submission. An Oral Submission is a summary of the Member's main ideas given as an oral argument in a persuasive speech to the Parliament. The time limit for Oral Submissions is 5 minutes.

Due to the limitation of time for our online parliament, it may not be possible for all members to have time to make an Oral Submission. Those who are selcted for Oral Submissions will be informed by email.  Please note that in order to be selected for an Oral Submission, a Member must first make a Written Submission.

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