Welcome to the GEP’s International Kindness Club!

Our vision is to promote an ethical society which strives to remove pain, share happiness, and create unity amongst all life on Earth. 

We endeavour to practice kindness in our daily lives, organize activities to relieve suffering, establish local Kindness Clubs, educate children about human values, instil sustainable habits, and inspire the public to live a more compassionate, loving and tolerant life—with a smile.


Brief History 

It started with the Students’ Energy Parliament acting as youth coordinator for an essay competition on kindness, in early 2019. After writing our essays, many of us felt that we wanted to do something, and to find others to amplify kindness in the world. So now we are a club of international students and adults who meet online. 

An inaugural ceremony was held on June 22, 2019. Shri. K.P. Mohanan, former CEO of JaiHind TV, distributed Membership Kits to school coordinators. GEP Founder Swami Isa addressed the gathering.

Kindness Club Inaug Swami Isa speaks at Kindness Club inauguration 

Club Activities 

Members of our club have so far participated in:

We also do many small acts of kindness throughout the day, such as just giving someone a smile, being a compassionate listener, making sure that no one sits alone, visiting and caring for the elderly, anonymous donations, paying for someone’s meal, helping animals in distress…

 Ricardo tree planting

Flood relief collection Tree planting MGM school

Flood relief Isa Viswa Vidyalayam Dog  


Ambassadors of the Club are the founding Members, who meet online every 2 weeks to discuss club activities and priorities. 


Membership Criteria 

Membership in the Club is open to all. There is no fee to be a Member. 

To be a Member of the Club, you should agree to the following:

1. Make kindness your way of life. 

2. Consider kindness first in your thoughts, words and actions. 

3. Never intentionally bring harm to any living creature.

4. Reduce others’ pain as much as you can.

5. Perform at least 3 Acts of Kindness per week.

6. Participate in larger group Acts of Kindness that are designated as Club activities.

7. Strive to see the unity of all beings and life on Earth.

Members are welcome to suggest All-Club activities which will be voted upon.


School Clubs

Schools or colleges are invited to create a School Kindness Club and enroll students and faculty to be Members. Students get very creative with activities designed to help the specific needs of their own community! Contact us for further information about starting a School Kindness Club.

MGM Medicine



Do you want to be a Member? Please get in touch with Ricardo Jimenez Gomez, GEP Youth Coordinator and President of the Club at: info@global-energy-parliament.es