Fruit Tree Planting

The Fruit Tree Planting project aims to plant fruit trees in public and private areas in cities, road and railways, and to promote awareness about the benefits of fruit trees amongst the public.

Since 2013, the GEP has planted and/or donated an estimated 300,000 fruit tree saplings. All species are indigenous and conducive to the intended environment (home or public). Varieties planted so far in India have been jackfruit, papaya, gooseberry, coconut, mango, and guava. Apple, cherry and walnut have been planted in Europe.



* Reducing the impact of global warming by increasing the number of trees

* Greening urban areas; water conservation; stabilizing ground cover

* Food security

* Promoting a healthy ecosystem, increasing biodiversity in urban areas   

* Educating the public about organic food

* Balancing the need for agricultural lands by providing spaces in urban areas for food cultivation.



2013 — Beginning with projects called "Green Neighbourhood" and “One House One Fruit Tree”, GEP promoted awareness amongst urban residents about the benefits of fruit trees in their yards and gardens, and provided houses with indigenous species of fruit tree saplings. Training was also provided in how to maintain the trees and awareness about the benefits of non-GMO fruits. 

2016 — GEP’s international parliament passed a Resolution to impress upon governments worldwide the idea of cultivating the planting of hardwood trees, fruit trees and flowering bushes along all public highways and railways, as well as forestation in other areas.  The proposal was to use some of the wood for the housing sector, thereby decreasing dependence on non-renewable and non-biological building materials like concrete, bricks, steel, and granite. When enough trees are planted, a small fraction of them will be cultivated for construction and replanting will be strictly required.

2018 — GEP’s Remoulding Kerala consortium of international scientists analyzed the land use changes over the past 100 years of Kerala State, and by applying the I-Theory, made a proposal which has since been accepted by the Government of Kerala, for building a Sustainable State. The first step in the process is to plant fruit trees at public tourist spots, and this project is in process.

2019 — GEP starts a Sponsor A Tree Program where anyone can donate a small amount and have a fruit tree planted in their name.



Help us reach our goal of getting fruit trees in every city!

* Plant some trees in your neighbourhood.

* Talk to your city administration about using public places for planting fruit trees.

* Sponsor a Tree — for a birthday or holiday gift. We'll plant a tree in your name.

* Organizations: adopt newly planted trees.

* Volunteers: help us plant / become a site monitor.


Contact us to learn more! Write to: research(at)