Since the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Global Energy Parliament has made understanding the disease, and communicating about it, a priority area.

Please see the areas below in which we have been working towards solutions and prevention of Covid-19.

Latest: Research Article on Covid-19 Published

The Global Energy Parliament Research Centre has published an article on the Covid-19 virus in the February 2021 issue of Advances in Microbiology, a peer-reviewed journal, co-authored by H.H. Swami Isa and Dr. Christophe Dumas.

The article, entitled “An analysis of SARS-CoV-2 on the molecular and subatomic levels through applied I-Theory,” illustrates the probable reasons why the virus is so destructive and suggests new areas of research to overcome the pandemic.

Read the Press Release

Communications to Governments
In March 2020, GEP communicated suggestions to governments about research on the Covid-19 virus and its origins, as well as suggestions for how to minimize the social and economic impacts of the pandemic. Several heads of government, including Spain and India, responded warmly to the timely suggestions.

In July 2020, recommendations developed at the session of parliament (see below) were also communicated to governments.

GEP Session on “A New Normal for the Post-Covid World”
In June, the annual session of parliament was convened online to discuss “A New Normal for the Post-Covid World”, in which a number of innovative suggestions were also made and subsequently submitted to governments around the world.

Articles by the Founder
The Founder of the Global Energy Parliament published two articles in the early stages of the pandemic, one of the first voices speaking about the importance of building immunity in the public, and how it can be done:
    "Energizing Solitude" : March 28, 2020
    "Creative Confinement" : April 4, 2020

Public Programs
To promote public awareness about the importance of building and maintaining immunity, the GEP conducted a free online course called the EPIC Program (Emotional, Physical and Intellectual Immunity against Coronavirus) in English, French, German and Spanish.

To assist the public in understanding how to build their immunity, and the three components of immunity, a social media campaign was also conducted by GEP.

Occasional online meetings of the EPIC teachers from GEP welcome the public to meet together and chant to build inner and outer peace. See the videos for the session conducted on the International Day of Peace.