Theme Announced for GEP 2022
30 June 2022

Happy International Day of Parliamentarism to all our Members!

We honour you, the world's first Members of Parliament in a global parliament, for your commitment to ensuring a balanced and sustainable world.

On this significant day, we're announcing the theme of 12th Annual Global Energy Parliament (GEP 2022): "Maintaining Our Humanity in the Digitalized Future."

We all know that every sector is changing rapidly due to digitalization--whether it's education, finance, governance, business, healthcare, etc. How can we ensure that humanity retains its essential characteristics in a digitalized world? This session of Parliament will contribute to policy proposals and public initiatives that encourage rootedness in humanism as well as balance, peace and harmony in the digitalized future.

GEP 2022 will be an online event in December (dates to be announced). Members are invited to send their proposals for written and oral submissions now.