GEP at COP21 UN Climate Change Summit

Dr. Christophe Dumas, Director of the GEP Research Centre, attended the COP21 conference in Paris on climate change. He found the negotiations tense, as many countries promoted their own self-interest and were lacking a global outlook.

"A large focus in the COP21 discussions is on solar energy, but solar has its own disadvantages which sometimes policy makers are not aware of," he said. "Alternatives to solar energy and wind energy--like the GEP's Sound Energy-- are really necessary in order for a truly sustainable future."

The GEP Research Centre is working on a global solution of low-cost renewable energy that can be used for a large scale.

"GEP also proposes global education solutions through the I theory and Education for Total Consciousness," said Dr. Dumas. "This is really essential now, because the present scientific knowledge needs to change. More people should be aware of the I theory's definition of Energy and to approach the world through this more holistic and synergistic view."