Technology, Economy and Convergence

The Global Challenges

Technological Advancement, Digitalization, Globalization, Urbanization, Global Trade, Finance, Labor and Data

GEP’s Unique Vision

We believe that sustainable convergence is important for positive global development. Intelligent convergence of technologies, trade and energy brings people, groups and economies together in new and exciting ways. Globalization is dangerous when it leaves behind any part of the planet or people. But when this phenomenon helps us to realize our oneness, we cannot ignore what is happening on the other part of the planet. Complex global problems need positive global solutions!  


Smart technology’ should refer to sustainable technologies that create happiness and wellbeing and not just more choices; increase wisdom and not just data; and contribute to long-term harmony and peace. That is a truly smart technology. We need to feel confident that the technologies we use today are not going to cause us, or others, harm tomorrow.

Being confident about the long-term effects of new technologies means an understanding of the positive and negative energy of that technology--from what it's made of, how it's used, and who uses it. Positive energy technologies will create energy balance; negative technologies will contribute to further degradation and disharmony. Discrimination must be used in applying any knowledge or tool—not just for the sake of doing it “because we can”.


Just as globalised technologies brings people together in new ways, global trade and economies are also reducing the gap between peoples, cultures and places. A truly global economy would be one that has a uniform definition of wealth, and is based on a fixed global standard.

Likewise, basic economic literacy is a fundamental right of very human being who is involved in some aspect of the economy, be it local or global.

Ongoing Projects

I-Theory research & its consequences upon technological solutions

A1 particle Research & its consequences upon technological solutions

Sound Energy Project

Economic Literacy & Sustainable Economics Project


Our Resolutions in this Area

Resolutions of GEP 2012: “Sound and the Living World"

Resolutions of GEP 2013 : “Sustainable Economics”

Resolutions of GEP 2016: “Habitat Harmony” 


UN Sustainable Development Goals Addressed