Society & Harmony

The Global Challenges

Urbanization, Migration, Conflict, War, Poverty, Refugees, Violence, Social injustice, Corruption

GEP’s Unique Vision

Why do we have society? Is it merely to benefit by the presence of others? Or are we naturally aware that we are part of a greater whole?

Whether we live alone or in a busy metropolis, each of us is connected to a much greater whole, including the environment, community, region, nation and world. A society is like an ecosystem containing many diverse species, all living together and contributing to the greater whole. When one part of an ecosystem gets out of balance, the entire system suffers.

A society in harmony is a flourishing society, where all people contribute their unique gifts and receive support for their needs. No one part would be left out, exploited or undermined.  Whether differences between people are cultural, religious, or economic, we must first understand what is their unique contribution to the greater whole.

Achieving social harmony is not a theory, it comes through practice based on scientific understanding.  Keeping the ecosystem in balance is a matter of recognising the various energies involved and how the energy flows and is exchanged.

Our Ongoing Projects in this Area

* Students' Energy Parliament

* 'Life for Total Consciousness' yoga training and research

* International Kindness Club

Interfaith Work

* Legal Research Projects


Our Resolutions in this Area

Resolutions of GEP 2015 on "The Art and Science of Governance"

Resolutions of GEP 2014 on "Peace in Humans, Humans in Peace"


UN Sustainable Development Goals Addressed