Environment, Sustainability & Clean Energy


The Global Challenges

Climate Change, Sustainable Use of Resources, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Water Management

GEP’s Unique Vision

We believe that the world will be in energetic balance if we focus more on sustainable technologies. Sustainable technologies create happiness and wellbeing and not just more choices; increase wisdom and not just data; and contribute to long-term harmony and peace.  That is a truly “smart technology.” We need to feel confident that the technologies we use today are not going to cause us, or others, harm tomorrow.

Globally, many engaged people already working on more sustainable production, machines and devices, and we aim to bring them together on a common platform.

Part of living in balance is an intelligent use of natural resources. Decision-makers in governments and corporate levels need to demonstrate the understanding that everyone has at the personal level, that nature is not an object for exploitation but an intrinsic part of ourselves. When we damage our environment, eventually we damage ourselves, and no amount of borders can prevent it.

Everyone needs to know the proper limit that Nature has for how much she can give before she cannot replenish herself.

Our Ongoing Projects in this Area

Sound Energy Project

Resonant Box (Energy device)

Sustainable State Model

"One House, One Fruit Tree" project

Organic Vegetable Cultivation

Hydrology and agriculture


Our Resolutions in this Area

Resolutions of GEP 2012: “Sound and the Living World"


UN Sustainable Development Goals Addressed