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It is becoming increasingly clear to both politicians and scientists that the challenges facing the planet and humankind are manmade. Humans are, as a species, endowed with a great ability to imagine a future scenario and take an action accordingly. Most of our actions are not instinctive, but rather arrived at after some analysis, imagination, and/or reasoning. Unfortunately, rather than using this ability to create a future that will benefit all of us, most people try to serve their own selfish needs first, resulting in pain and suffering in the long term. 

If this sounds like you, it is not your fault.  Imagine if in school, you were taught about how each of your actions affected the world and others. Imagine if each lesson were showing you the link between the outside world and yourself.  Would you have made different choices?  All of us would have made different choices if we were shown what type of suffering would be the outcome.

This is exactly the change needed in education today. Children need to be empowered with positive awareness about how they are connected to the world. This can be achieved effectively by teaching in a way that integrates outer (objective) knowledge with inner (subjective) knowledge.  When a child learns that the world is made up of 72% water, he may be bored and uninterested. When he experiences that his body also is made up of 72% water, and when his water level is at 65% or 85% he suffers, he will understand the suffering of drought or flood.  He will understand the need to keep water pure.  This is how to teach by integrating the subject with the object. 

This type of Total Education is the birthright of every human being regardless of economic status, gender, religion, etc.  Total education will ultimately train the student to know the aim of human life, and empower them to achieve that goal.

Every learning experience is complete with theory and practice, or experimentation. No educational institution, however small, should lack research facilities. Playing is the infant’s research. Experimentation in a controlled environment is the graduate’s.

As an institution, the GEP has a need to bring out scientific evidence for every solution that we support, whether it’s in education, culture or technology. That is why we have created the GEP Research Centre. Moreover, recognising that much great research is already happening in the world, we are building up a worldwide research network. Through collaborations we can each add our piece to understanding the great whole.

Our Ongoing Projects in this Area


GEP Research Centre

Remoulding Kerala - State Plan for Sustainability

Building a worldwide GEP Research Network

Research on the Effects of Education for Total Consciousness (ETC) teaching methodology on childhood and adolescent development

Implementation of ETC in Schools. (Pilot project - Isa Viswa Vidyalayam school)

ETC Teacher Training courses

ETC Residential school

Upcoming: The Universal University


Our Resolutions in this Area

Resolutions GEP 2010: “Education and Universal Energy”

All-India Students' Energy Parliament 2016 Resolutions on "Total Education"



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