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Welcome to the 13th session of the Global Energy Parliament! GEP 2023 will be held in the historic Raj Bhavan of Kolkata, India from November 29-30, 2023.

This session of parliament is devoted to rediscovering the illuminative power of both science and faith, to understanding how we use them in our daily lives, and where both can help society overcome its present problems.

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The Theme: Science and Faith

As humanity constantly strives for a better understanding about who we are, what governs the universe, and what truth is, science and faith have always played a role in finding the answers. Scientific knowledge relies on evidence, whereas faith requires none. Originally interdependent aspects of philosophy and thought, they have found hard divisions in the past few hundred years in many parts of the world, and solidified into institutionalization, each with their own set of codes and dogmas. The false notion of exclusive authority in attaining the most important answers must be removed and once again science and faith should find an integration towards a common goal.

In this 13th annual session of the Global Energy Parliament, Members of Parliament will share their views on what role science plays in the problems their branch of knowledge is trying to solve, and what role faith or belief plays. We will elaborate an approach to science and faith that will benefit all branches of knowledge, their outlooks, approaches and ethics. Based on our discussions, we will formulate some recommendations to governments that can be a roadmap to help decision-makers make fitter decisions, governments make sounder laws, and humans be better humans.

Join us, if you are interested in the intersections between science and faith and answers to the biggest questions that mankind has!  We welcome new Members of Parliament from any branch of knowledge or sphere of life. Share your answers to these questions and let us work out collectively and globally, a vision on how the intersections between science and faith will help humanity attain its highest goals of peace, harmony, balance and sustainability.


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The Venue

Raj Bhavan

Learn more about the historic residence of the Governor of West Bengal, the Raj Bhavan of Kolkata.


Raj Bhavan




November 29, 2023
    Inauguration by Hon. Governor of West Bengal
    Founder’s Address: Introduction and Vision for the session 
    Introduction to the unifying I-Theory
    Question Hour: Questions to Ministers on the theme
    Call-Attention Motion
    Submissions by Members with responses by Ministers
    Committee Breakout Meetings

November 30, 2023
    Keynote Address
    Moving the Bill on Science and Faith
    Submissions by Members with responses by Ministers   
    Committee Breakout Meetings
    Final Conclusions
    Valedictory Session
    Cultural Programme

*Programme is subject to change.                                                                                                                                                                                


The Parliament

We are the first and only global parliament, designed for human beings who feel a responsibility to improve the conditions of life on Earth. People from all nations join together and examine some of the most formidable challenges facing the world today, collaborating on innovative, viable and science-based solutions in a spirit of harmony, peace, and brotherhood.

The Global Energy Parliament encourages meaningful exchanges and collaborations in a structured democratic process--devoid of politics.

Every Member of Parliament has a voice, and to give time to all, we have a structured and dignified format. The Honourable Speaker controls the discussions. Members of Parliament can raise questions, give submissions, respond to others, and vote.

The program begins with an Inaugural Function, followed by a Question Hour. Afterwards, Call-Attention Motion(s) may be given. Members will make submissions and hold discussions. Guests will be invited to present to the House. Draft Bill(s) will be moved by Ministers of Parliament on which discussions are held. Finally, voting on all resolutions and Bills will take place.

Detailed submissions based on research work are given as Written Submissions, and in the online parliament, short Oral Submissions are delivered.  Learn more about Submissions.

Our aim is to arrive at decisions on recommendations to the world's governments and international agencies, that will become a Resolution or an Act of Parliament.  These will be shared with all governments and international agencies worldwide through the work of our Secretariat and Ministers.

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The Organizer



The Global Energy Parliament (GEP) is an international body working for science, sustainability, and peace, founded by His Holiness Jagadguru Swami Isa.

Our Mission is to
blue dot  provide recommendations and strategies, backed by scientific research

blue dot  with the objective of ensuring a self-sustaining, peaceful existence for human beings and the universe.

Our Vision is to
blue dot  develop human thought about the relationship between internal and external energy

blue dot  promote and develop scientific research on energy

blue dot  create and promote legislation and problem-solving strategies based on the science of energy

blue dot  create public awareness about energy balance, and programs to allow individuals to realize its benefits.

Since 2010 GEP has organized annual international sessions of parliament bringing together scientists, thinkers, artists, activists and global citizens as Members of Parliament who discuss and collaborate on innovative solutions to the most pressing issues facing the world. The Acts and Resolutions of the Parliament are conveyed to the world's governments annually.

GEP is founded on Swami Isa’s unified theory called the I-Theory. Its premise is that everything in the universe is a manifestation of vibration (energy), the most basic unit of which is called an I-particle. Three variations of frequencies and wavelengths of the I-particle vibration creates all the qualitative and quantitative differences in the manifested universe. The human being and the universe are both constituted by this basic element.

The parent organization of the GEP is the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust (IVPT), a charitable organization founded in 2000 and holds Special Consultative Status to the United Nations ECOSOC.


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The Secretary

Global Energy Parliament

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Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695029, INDIA

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