Reaching out to flood victims

Members of the GEP who were in Kerala for the floods have reached out to the victims since the first day of the flooding, providing hot meals and water to those who were stranded, in the IVPT flood relief work.

After the floods receded, they visited evacuation camps and slum areas to view the damage and provide relief items, medicines, clothing and beds.

GEP's relief efforts are still continuing, as Kerala starts to rebuild itself and the victims of the distaster come to term with losses of possessions and infrastructure.


GEP IVPT Flood Relief

Flooded road in Thiruvananthapuram


IVPT GEP Flood Relief

GEP & IVPT distributes food to those who were stranded


GEP members distribute clothing at an Evacuation Camp


Flood Relief

Remains of a destroyed house in Karali Nagar (Slum)


Flood Relief

Flooded and evacuated house in slum


IVPT GEP Flood Relief

GEP & IVPT's distribution of relief materials


Flood Relief 

Doctor consulting patient's Xray on house visit