Earth Day Message 2018

In honour of Earth Day 2018, the Global Energy Parliament is sharing one of its suggestions made to each country's Ministry of Environment, in the "Ministries Priorities Act of 2017":

"1.2  The Ministry of Environment must implement strong measures to protect the forest area of the land. The Earth needs a balance of 50% dense forests, 20% small scale forests and 30% human habitat. Maintaining this ratio will keep the harmony of life on Earth." 

When every country is able to maintain this ratio, the impact of human behavior on the environment will largely be rectified by nature itself. As GEP Founder Swami Isa says, forests are the lungs of the Earth, and life energy flows well to all living things when forests are healthy.

A fundamental change of mindset needs to happen first, which is to realize that Nature is not for exploitation to serve the endless flow of human desires.

So this Earth Day, share our Resolution!  Write to your Ministry of Environment to ask how they can implement it.