GEP Germany Starts National Tree Planting Initiative

Members of GEP Germany (GEP-Deutschlandzentrum) are living all over the country. For meeting each other in person at least once a year, they gather for spending a weekend together, strengthening their bonds and increasing the positive energy in the group. This year the members met in the beautiful city of Weimar, a place full of historical power by its former inhabitants Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller.

Not as poetically but more practically ambitioned, GEP-D expressed their own creativity in planting a walnut tree on the premises of the foundation "European Youth Education and Youth Meeting Centre Weimar" where they stayed. This donation was meant to set an example and to be a reminder of trees as sources of positive energy. Forests and rainforests are essential for maintaining the global energy balance, as GEP founder Swami Isa emphasizes.

Encouraged by this uplifting experience, the German Members decided to make this planting the prelude to a national initiative of fruit tree planting, following IVPT’s fruit tree planting project in India. More details will come soon on the GEP-D website.

Learn more about GEP’s fruit tree planting project.