How to Build 3 Types of Immunity

The world is at a critical juncture with the COVID-19 pandemic. The threat is very real for the wellbeing of all on this Earth. His Holiness Swami Isa, founder of the GEP, has called the pandemic “intellectual warfare,” and indeed in the future, we may be referring to it as World War III.

At this stage, Swami Isa says it is important to build up public immunity. Three categories of immunity are vital to the human being’s wellbeing: physical, intellectual and emotional. Psychoneuroimmunology research has shown that positive thoughts and positive emotions have a significant effect upon immune function. 

If these measures are successfully adopted now along with strict isolation, we will emerge from this crisis much healthier. Indeed, sometimes solitude is necessary to help build up our immunity.

Please follow these instructions below, and share with others. 

3 types of immunity


Swami Isa’s recommendations for developing three types of immunity

a) Build your Physical Immunity: Consume positive food.  

If supplies are available, take daily doses of easy immunity-boosting medicinal food based on the science of Ayurveda, like 1 spoon honey with ½ spoon ghee taken daily, Kushmanda rasayanam, and boiled milk with Ashwagandha.

Boiled milk-porridge (kanji) made with oats, rice or other grains. Eat organic fruits and vegetables if you can.

Learn about sattvic (white-matter dominated) foods which boost the immune system and stop consuming tamasic (black-matter dominated) foods, like processed food or fast foods, which reduce immunity. (The I-Theory can be a useful tool to understand the qualities in modern scientific terms, on the molecular and subatomic levels.)


b) Build your Intellectual Immunity: Think positive thoughts.   

Positive thoughts play a crucial role in maintaining health. Stressful / joyful events trigger different cognitive and affective responses which, in turn, induce sympathetic nervous system and endocrine changes, and these ultimately either impair / enhance immune function, as has been recently proven in psychoneuroimmunology research. Regardless of the external situation, if you think positively you will feel positively, and then act positively. The emotional chemistry in the body, and the quality of thought which triggers it, affects the quality of the chemistry in our cells. This is why it is said that thought creates everything.

Reduce your intake of negative messages in the various forms of media. Create and share positive messages such as ones of faith, trust, wellness, confidence, agency and hope. 

Seek and share knowledge that leads to realization of oneness (Total Consciousness). Partial, materialistic, and selfish knowledge is the cause of the crisis that we are in right now.

Write an essay or short story on the theme “How Literature Changes the Quality of Thought” or “The Responsibility of Literature in Creating a Positive Thought Culture.”

Those who are ill or quarantined should also be given positive messages and opportunities to create positive thoughts through creative channels. They should not be left alone. Isolated people need a constant input of good thoughts.

Meditation is known as one of the best ways to maintain a positive intellect. Because thought is an energy, it has both positive and negative qualities, so it is important to focus on the positive. Meditation can change the quality of the thoughts. You can spend 5 to 15 minutes a day focusing the eyes on a lamp or candle flame (tratak).

The purest and most potent form of positive thought is a white-matter dominated mantra. If you have one, you can chant it. 


c) Build your Mental (Emotional) Immunity: Develop positive emotions.

Positive Emotions are a result of positive thought, and are also an important component of immunity. Emotions are a form of chemistry (e.g. hormones) in the body, and the mind-body connection in healthcare is very well documented. Anxiety and fear produces negative thoughts, which in turn lead to negative chemistry / emotions. Do not fear!

Arts, entertainment, TV and cultural programs have an enormous effect on the emotions of the human being. Commit to watching only those that spread messages of hope, love, healing, compassion, fearlessness, and all good human qualities. Divisive, hateful, horrible and frivolous programs should be avoided. 

Share your positive emotions with others. When you love someone without any expectation of reward or return, love is in its highest positive form. Compassion, kindness, mercy, and tolerance will flow from you. You will feel happy and peaceful. 

Spend a few minutes every morning and evening visualizing universal peace and happiness.

Start a Daily Self-Assessment Program. Twice a day, observe and rate your own level of physical, intellectual and emotional wellness. Use the tools above to help improve in any area you find needs more care.  

May all beings be happy and well!


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